Educational Panel

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I'm working on creating an educational panel at school, where a bunch of people are qualified to speak about GLBT issues. We had our first training session on Friday, and I was really happy about how it went... I was worried, since this is my big project as far as being Activism Director goes, but everything turned out fine. We have more training on this Friday, and then we're (more or less) operating... does anyone else do this at their schools, or have any experience with things like this? I'd really like to hear about it.

Jules has reminded me to act like a grown-up... I had briefly forgotten, but have remembered once again. Thanks :-)


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what qualifies a person?

just out of curiosity what qualifies a person to speak about GLBTTI issues?

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It's hard to say...

It's hard to say, which is why I'm interested in what other people's groups have done. Right now, we're going to use the group to speak about GLBTTI issues from a personal perspective, not from a perspective of, say, an expert in legal matters or public policy or religion. There are some basic facts that I'm expecting everyone to know, which I'm working up into a fact sheet... the training this week has to do with issues facing queer people, especially about coming out. Last week was more about how to present the information in a contructive way, since there will no doubt be those who object to it, and how to best communicate with different groups about "contriversial" topics.