Eliminating Flubber Anyone?!

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Is there a quick, natural, healthy, way to lose weight? I mean no excercise, no diet pills, no dieting, no liposuction, something natural! Let me know...I'm tired of running a mile everyday. I need the 8 pack and all the other good stuff....*nudge**nudge**wink*.


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Theres no quick way of loosing weight healthy. Theres no such thing. Those things you see on tv are fads, tring to suck up our money for profit.

All I can say is eat small meals 6 times a day, or 2 big meals with snack in between. Excerise should become a habit. But dont over do them to strain yourself. For example, Jog 20 mins a day, then the next day do crutches *situps*, next day do areobics, the next 4 different excercises and induldge yourself one day a week as a pat on the back for good job well done.

I myself hit 300 pounds status, and I wasnt to happy with it. Sitting around does not help, Get out enjoy yourself. Walk with your dog if you have one. Walking is a major plus !!!!

Take care of yourself in a healthy way. Eat good foods, along with some meats becuase you need proteins.

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hmmm masterbation? hey its a work out with pleasure :P

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Eat right for your type.

I have lost ~ 20 kilograms in the last year. Most of it in a period of 6 months last year, because i just started eating like this,

It takes a lot of willpower sometimes , but it really works. I havent picked up the weight again , and i feel like a million dollars (maybe i just have a bit of an ego issue.. i might be easy , but i aint cheap).


Either that or start using methamphetamines habitually. that also works .. but you are bound to pick it up again if you stop .. and it's not exactly natural , healthy or even legal! (it sure is quick though)

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Mono and strep throat are the best for looseing weight. I also lost 29 lbs when i had my kidney stone removed. I am sayin go with mono or strep, less painfull, but it works!

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Very Funny

Very funny Brian....Not! I dont think anybody would want to induce sickness and look miserible all the time. *gives you some kinky spanking*

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its brYan

Heh, no being sick is not fun, however it is a surefire way to loose weight. when i had strep throat i list 22 lbs from not being able to eat for 10 days, gained 12 lbs back. and my stone, well i was to sick to eat for 3 days before surgury and for 2 weeks after i was to strung out on meds. lost 29 there gained 124 back. in the end i came out ahead!

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Hope your kidney feels better soon dude.

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Just A Thought...

Could just be me...but I thought exercise WAS natural...not sure there is such a thing as a pay off without an investment.

Gone to find myself, If I get back before I return...Please keep me here!

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There are natural ways to lose weight, none that don't require diet and/or exercise changes.

And, not that running a mile is bad, but I know I do like 4 miles on the machine at the gym for my workout, and that's like 4-5 times a week.

Personally, I'm a fan of McDougall right now, but that is a pretty extreme diet given your interest in doing, umm, nothing. Works great, though.