En la sombra...o en la luz...

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I found this in my good ol' graphics file. It's stolen from somewhere on the net. This is an early incarnation of it. It's sense been altered a million times. I thought it was cute.

I finally talked to my boi. The guy who really pushed for me to be out. The one who gets me to just stop and enjoy life. Without him, I'd think myself to death. And I'm happy he's prince charming evem if I wish I had the princess in my arms. And I'm happy he gets a chance to showcase his abilities, he's amazingly talented and I'm proud to have him as my friend and one of the first few people to really know me. And if we ever got together, it would be a sign of the apocolypse. We aren't together. We're gay together.

I think my mother knows I'm gay, I've been blatant about it. The "Lesbianation" background on the computer is one sure sign. I think the next chance I get I'm outing myself to her. Might as well make it official.


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It's all about confidence, someone told me that, hmmm who was it? Hee hee.

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coming out to your mother...

... from one who's done it, with interesting results.

Make sure no one else does it for you. Allow her time to process it. Be prepared to answer the "this is just a phase" or "you simply haven't met the right guy" comments. I think it's difficult for even the most "liberal" parents. It took my mother and I both a month of cooling off (and admittedly real procrastination on my part), after I was outed, to talk about it. And we've only just begun.

But it *is* better to be honest and direct, than secretive.