End of an eleven day adventure...

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This is my last late night of my vacation. Tomorrow afternoon it is back to work with me. It's been a great vacation so far, and with any luck I'll be taking another in a couple months...WooHoo! Vacations are one of the sweetest things in life.

So I re-read my last blog, and I've come away with the realization that I just need to deal with who I am. If I don't like something I'm doing or not doing, then I need to change that behaviour. Of course it may not be that simple, however it can be that simple...to at least get started. The week went very well over all. I was surrounded by people for at least fourteen hours of every day, and I didn't feel any emotional issues well up until the seventh day, so I will be happy with that. That is mucho progress. When I choose to recognize it, I see that I am getting stronger emotionally. I think this new position I have taken at work will also do me well. Also scheduling a little more time to myself and the things that surround me at home that I don't pay as much attention to as I could; that would also be beneficial. I must say though, that it is nice to have my sexuality take back seat finally, when it comes to emotional issues. Now to work through some of these other things a little more thouroghly.

Well my cold medicine is finally kicking in so I think I'm going to go lay down and watch a movie...Later, Jason