Feeling ashamed about my computing skills

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I'm needing to work on a programming project in C, and I'm feeling really stupid about my programming prowess.... however much I love the Lone Gunmen, I must admit that my Kung Foo is not the best. Sadly, I am a computer science major. I was kinda into web design and such as a hobby in high school, and that was as techie as I got. So systems programming and Perl and things are confounding me, and I always feel ashamed to ask the macho geeky boys for help.

I feel so much more at home in my Women's Studies classes, where I actually manage to appear smart. I wish I had the guts to give up my CS major, even with just one semester to go... oh well. Back to work.


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If you ever need help...

Adrian's pretty kick ass when it comes to web based stuff (and shown by this very site!) and knows his stuff about everything else. I know C and C++ pretty good too, so if you ever need anything...


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Thanks :-) I may take you up

Thanks :-) I may take you up on that if I get stuck on something... right now it's just that everything takes so long to write and debug... like, I've spent at least 8 hours since Monday on this project (when I had already worked on it a good bit over the weekend), and now it's (mostly) working... I move forward, but at a snail's pace. But I really appreciate the offer.