feminine guy at work...

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There's something oddly attractive about people who look like they could be either male or female. Last night at work there was this guy, who at first, I thought was a girl. It took me about five minutes of sneaking glances across the room at him before I was sure he was a he. I was strangely disappointed; had he been a she, I might've tried to work clean dishline in order to talk with him...He was a very feminine, but very attractive male (in my opinion) and would've been a very attractve female as well. :)

AARGH!! I wish I weren't so socially inept! I feel like, despite knowing a fair-sized group of gay people on campus, I don't know how to *meet* people...as in people I could potentially date. It's very frustrating. Most of the girls in the gay support groups I'm involved with are taken, and even then, they're all older. I'd love to be able to meet some fellow freshmen (or even sophomores!). I mean, I meet all sort of wonderful girls all the time, in my classes and whatnot, but what are the chances that any of them are gay? My "gaydar" is pretty much non-existant. The clubs around here are 21 and up, or at least the gay ones are, to my knowledge, and I don't want to risk the fake ID thing. (There was a HUGE bust at a club about a month ago ~ 200+ underage students ticketed).

I guess basically, I feel like I'm never going to meet anyone here. Uugh... I'm sure I'm not the only lesbian in my dorm (out of about 300 girls), but as far as I know no one in my dorm is "out"...

If you're still reading, sorry to subject you to my ranting...It just kinda came out. I've been really frustrated lately, in case you couldn't tell...lol.

*Sigh* Time to get ready for my first of two shifts at work today...I hope the new student manager is working...She seems really nice and she talked to me quite a bit on my shift yesterday. (And she's only a sophomore...hehe)


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been there.......still there

i understand you feelings completely......mine's exactly the same.....maybe maybe the gender..i'm male, and i look out for guys..lol