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I love and adore my friends.

I was out with Sam and Ash. We went to the mall in search of...well for me this girl who works at DoubleDay books and for Ash to re-pierce her ears (for the...100th time. She lets them close all the time...). We ended up at Robinson's May in the lingere department.

Sam is actually off looking for stuff. Ash and I find...the granny panties. Chonies. You know, the kind you can parachute with. I comment I'm going to sew in the leg holes and make a purse. We were just laughing so hard...and I realized how much I need that.

Then there were the corsets, and everyone tried them on over their clothes. I put on a white one with the built in panties. Wearing them over my black pants, I was the panty avenger...

I'm entitled to act 7 years old every now and again. I spent most of my youth way too serious. I enjoy just...having fun. I refuse to take life too seriously anymore. It's far too ridiculous when there are leopard skin granny panties and panty suits...