From there to Here

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I just Finished an MSN conversation with an old friend. We hung out from 1998-2000. The pinacle of my party and club daze. He moved away to Boston to work. I became lost in the scene. He was shy and quiet, staye dhome on weekends. I partied and thought it insane t stay home on a Saturday.

Time changes things. He is me and I am him. In five years, I have done and seen it all. I feel like I am 80. maybe in the twisted world of gay time.

He mocked me. I sat and quietly read his words... How did I let this happen? How did I become this? my conclusion. Time and evolution. My friend herd about my now not so secret journal. He wants to read it. he thinks it will be like "Disco BloodBath" I think it is too. thats the scarey part. differnt ending tho.