Fuck it

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Well, considering that it's happening right now, i felt it was most appropriate to write about it. So this guys tells me that he wants to do stuff with me, and I'm all for that considering im not generally persued. Well, right now, one of my best friends, Kelly, is practically fucking him. So in response to this im just going to pretend like nothing is going on. Because honestly, I'm really pretty fucking sick of being the transportation for people, and being in the room while they are fucking and I have to pretend like it isnt happening. Well fuck it, fuck everything. I'm so sick of being lead on and then having it shoved in my face that nothing id going to happen... Well aren't I just the lucky one...


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Fuck It

The attitude of the hour my dear. Perhaps we should start a club or something of the like?

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Just a thought...

Been in your position my friend...My only thought is that above all, respect yourself. You are the only person to answer for your actions and you are the only person that can feel what you feel before, during and after. Jason

Gone to find myself, If I get back before I return...Please keep me here!