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I was in class today, and this guy whose always being a jerk, turns to me and says,"Are you a lesbian? Because you're wearing that rainbow button." I turn to him and say,"Yeah, why do you care?" He gives me a strange look like I was supposed to be insulted. I laugh, then he says," Is that that the button means, that you're a Lesbian?" I say back to him smiling, "yep." I sort of lied because I'm only bi, but I didn't care, he's always been a jerk so I needed some humor. That really made my day. So i sit here smiling and proud of myself. I nkow he's probably spread it around school, but you know what? There's no shame in it. This is my senior year, and I could care less. Even if it wasn't, I still wouldn't care. Anyway, that's the highlight of my day, thought you'd all like the humor in it. Ta-ta for now!


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Humour, my dear friend, is the greatest ally any warrior could have. As I have also was said, laugh! Laugh at the stupidity of the idiots in the world! Oh the pleasure of joy! Gravity is the plague of this century.

My melancholy is the most faithful sweetheart I have ever had- no wonder that I return the love!- Kierkegaard

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How cool are you etgen! Serio

How cool are you etgen! Seriously! LOL!

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yay! good for you. i'm in t

yay! good for you. i'm in the same position. second semester senior year - who gives two shits?

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thought that was cool...hehehe..he hasn't said anything to me since. Of course there's this other jerk in my class, I'll call him Jerk#2. He's always making stupid jokes about gay people, black people and generally shit like that. I've told him to shut up a couple of times but of course he never listens. Oh well. Freedom will come soon enough. As one of good friends says, "they'' go to their respective gas stations and we'll be in college." (No offense intended to those who work at gas stations. We live in a small town and the only way out of having a crappy job here is going to college)