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For once, I actually DO something on Valentine's Day, and it turns into a less than stellar night! Now, it was still pretty damn good, but those that know me, know that less than stellar is about as low as I can go. I went to the mall with fun people, and we ended up going to a puzzle store, which made it extreemly pathetic. It was fun though. Then we went to my friend's band's show, and saw one REALLY good bandyperson, and got his CD, however, I had to leave before I got to see my friend's good band!
I had to leave, because I was supposed to go to a service project this morning, but it turned out that my friend's sketched out on me, and now I'm mildly screwd on when I can do my service, a graduation requirment. It was not good. I did listen to My Bloody Valentine, which cheered me up, in it's delicious irony! And now, I'm going to a formal dance at another school with no plans, with someone I don't know!

A good thing is that I think I've gotten the bad vibes for the month out of my system, and can be manic again without exploding. Also, I'm looking forward to President's Day on Monday. I'll explain when I return! No worries:)