Gettin' juiced in Virginia...or rather hanging with the crew...

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So this is to date the best vacation I've ever taken. Mr. TightLacedPreppyBoy (that would be me, if you were to ever see me) has started checking out my interest in the Goth scene. I've always had this alter ego grunge boi in my persona, but I've never gone all the way with the spiked collar, spiked wristbands with bondage rings...etc. So I've delved into that this's been extremely exhilerating.

If anyone had told me four years ago I would be doing this, I would have laughed and said ya, sure! I'm really happy that I'm learning to let go of my inhibitions. And I'm getting the opprotunity to see the world from a new perspective. I'm looking through rather than at...and that makes a difference.