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Im all out of poetry at the moment. I have some more saved but its all crap. Im working on a story, well I started to a while a go, maybe ill post that. Im still sick but i refuse to go to the doctor. Im not in the mood to get felt up by an old man, maybe when im feeling better i could arrange that one :P My nose wouldnt stop bleeding today. Bloody noses confuse me. All the blood and no pain. Seems very unreal.

'sneezing gurl' is making me giggle.


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My mom's a nurse, so heed her advice regarding this subject

Tilt your head FORWARD and bleed into a tissue, applying pressure to your nose. DO NOT tilt it back like all those morons say you should. The blood will run down your throat, causing you to swallow the blood, which is never good. If anything bleeds for more than 10 minutes, SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY. The old man won't feel you up, just look in your nose and throat. Poetry is cool. Try to juggle with the concept of blood and no pain.

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Good advice!

Yeah, I get bloody noses constantly, and I never tip my head back. It's amazing how accustomed to the taste of blood I have become. I've soaked several towels before with a single bloody nose, but that was when I hadn't dealt with a lot of crap in my past. I think that had something to do with it...

"You're such a sexy thang! I like the way you walk, the things you say...!"

*can't get Prince songs out of her head*

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I couldn't convice you to see

I couldn't convice you to see a doc, maybe someone can. I raced to get a new card and I finally got down to calling you, but someone was sleeping. I think I missed you by 15 minutes or so...time sucks.