God & Hermaphrodites

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I'm running a similar thread on the BeliefNet Men's Spirituality Board, but I thought I'd start one here too.


I've heard all this talk about whether homosexuality is a "sin", what the "roles" males and females are "supposed" to have, and how manhood and womanhood are strictly confined in terms of genitalia.

My question is, what do we do when the genitalia begins to blur? Is there biblical speak on hermaphroditism?

Human Hermaphrodites

I know that there are some people who voluntarily undergo physical sex-reassignment surgery, but there are thousands of people who are born every year with either opposite or ambiguous genitals. What does God say about them?

If a man (XY chromosomes) is born and develops a female body, is it technically homosexuality if she sleeps with a man (XY chromosomes) who has a male body? Genitalia is the deciding factor, isn't it?

Many young women have this condition, and they find out later in life that they don't have ovaries, but abdominal testes.

This is called pseudohermaphroditism, but there are true hermaphrodites (very rare) who have both male and female genitalia, and some (even more rare) who have both that function.

Where does the Bible stand on this? What makes a man and what makes a woman? Does god create gay people the way he creates intersexed people?

I got nothing but utter silence from the conservative Christian boards. Maybe we have a good scientific argument here.