Happiness and Dating Dilemmas

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I feel really happy for the first time in awhile. Don't get me wrong, my life's far from perfect, but now it feels like everything will be okay, eventually. It's like something inside of me just clicked. I think I'm definitely at the beginning of my "out" life. I'm not really out yet to many people, but I sort of casually came out to two more people last night, and then to a handful of people in my Japanese class today. In both cases I didn't tell them I'm gay, but I told them I went on the GLB retreat last weekend... The weirdest thing about it, was that I wasn't really nervous at all...when they asked what retreat I was on, I just took a breath and told them, and that was that. I think I'm actually starting to enjoy this coming out thing. Hmm...

Now... My dilemma of the moment is what to do about my upcoming Dorm Dance. Here are my options:

1)Go Alone

2)Go w/some guy that my friend offered to set me up with (on a completely non-date level, obviously).

3)Ask someone (Guy or girl) from outreach to go with me...I know in the past people have gone together to dances as friends.

I think I'm leaning toward number 3. At the next meeting, I may just ask if anyone there might be interested in going with me. There's not really anyone I'm interested in actually going on a "date" date with to the dance, so I don't think I'm going to get a real date out of this dance. Hopefully I can just go with a friend and have fun :). Luckily, I have until late March to figure it all out.