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In third grade I dissected owl pellets. Despite my usual enthusiasm for science, (I won the state science fair that year experimenting with the feeding habits of Lumbricus Terrestris (known to laymen as "earthworms")), I was deeply troubled- not so much by the pellet itself, after all, I handled the worms without so much as a murmur- but, as I now believe, by the concept of regurgitation. As my schooling progressed I was introduced to a more sophisticated form of pre-digestion: the textbook.

The difference between reading a textbook and reading the original treatises of, say, Thomas Jefferson is a bit like the difference between appreciating art and creating it. Reading a textbook will at best inform you of someone else


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suggestions welcomed and encouraged.

Habit is the ballast that chains a dog to his vomit. - Samuel Beckett

Any thoughts?

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You write beautifully. I'm

You write beautifully.

I'm in awe.

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To critical thinkers.

Textbook does not equate the reading of the original text. Ditto.


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St. John's...

I have a friend who went to St. John's undergrad... she is now in the Public Policy grad school here, and just got a fellowship for someplace famous in London (don't know much about public policy schools, sorry I can't be more specific).

In any case, she seems to have loved it, and she's a very interesting person to talk to... it's a unique education.