Heterosexist TV

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I was watching NBC tonight because they had The Fugitive on(hey, the Marshall guy made me giggle!) and I was just wondering... Has anybody else noticed that NBC is marketing Fear Factor a lot more than Will and Grace? Kudos to NBC for airing Will and Grace, but you'd think they'd advertise it too. In the last half hour I saw ads for Crossing Jordan, West Wing, and Fear Factor(do straight guys get turned on by grossed out girls? :o) but none for Will and Grace!!!

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i think NBC only advertises d

i think NBC only advertises dramas during a drama. you'll have to tune in for a sitcom to see a will and grace ad.

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Will and Grace is one of their highest rated shows. More interested in trying to bring higher ratings to the shows that aren't doing as well.

However, I would hesitate to call Will and Grace a gay show. It is successful because it is well-written show, not because it has gay characters. LOTS of shows with gay characters didn't make it back for a seocnd year, because they were awful.


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we have huge advertising for will and grace in england!

granted our neighbourhood is pretty gay/lesbian populated...but it's also got lots of straight residents, and a big population of african carribean and pakistani families with young children - and the billboard on the side of the grocery store is ha-uge! in england the ad campaign makes the 4 main characters cats and dogs with the actors' real haircuts superimposed as wigs. the only down side is that the programmes are aired on the cable channel that is basically the like...'women's and gay mens' channel' like lifetime network in the US. http://www.livingtv.co.uk/

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Will and Grace in the UK and Ireland

Hi Will and Grace is one i'm of my fave shows!! It's been on Irish tv station TV3 for a few years now. They usually show it after 10. They used to team with Sex and the City but have gone into double bills not that SATC is over. We're on season 4. In the uk living tv are on season 4 while terristrial channel Channel 4 showed season 1 about 2 years ago now with Friends and did the same with season 2. It's taken awhile but w&g is definitely a very popular show over here now. Not beacuse it's gay but because it's one of the best written shows around. DVDs of season 1 are available in region 1 and season 2 is coming soon.
kay hope that's info enough for y'all
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I need to see Will and Grace, what time is it on? (I live in the US... North East to be specific)

Good show... I need a laugh... I'm ellipse happy, but then again I always am aren't I?


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thurs. at 8 or in syndication

thurs. at 8 or in syndication at some time or another

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I've actually pondered ...

starting to buy the W&G dvd's .. as jeff said, not because it's a gay show.. but because it's a well written one.

Grace: What you're feeling are pangs of guilt.
Karen Walker: What?
Grace: Guilt. Oh, boy. Ok. How am I gonna explain this one? Uh...guilt
is an
emotion that-- Ok. Jumping ahead. An emotion is something that--
Karen Walker: Hey, hey, hey. Come on! I know what guilt is. It's one of
those touchy-feely words that people throw around that don't really mean
anything... You know, like "maternal" or "addiction."

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Hmm, wouldn't mind getting those. I don't think are for sale in the US yet, since I think the show is a total hit in syndication yet.

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