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hey everyone,

I've been visiting this website for a while, but was always afraid to post or to actully join the community. And when the site crashed (broke, whatever...) I was almost relieved, because that meant I couldnt sneak on my computer to read the stuff all of you have written. Because it meant I didn't have to "come out" because it meant i was alone yet again, and that maybe just maybe I could keep lying to myself for a few more days. But now that the site is back I can no longer allow myself to be in denial. Nor can I lie to the people I love. I am bisexual. End of story...and altho it seemed like a huge scandelous secret two months ago, now it just seems like a part of who I am. I have come to expect it, and LOVE myself for who I am. And im finally ALMOST happy. So i have finally taken the plunge and joined oasis. I hope i can be someone you all welcome with open arms, and allow into your "family" as well as your hearts. Thank you....



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Good for you! And welcome to the club.

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thank you!

Thank you, that really means alot to me....=)