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I'm new. There's nothing much I can tell you except I'm bi. It's cool. I've mostly accepted myself. I wish my family can say the same. They don't really accept it. That's alright though. They'll come around eventually. I'm 18. I'm graduating this year. I don't really have plans for after that. I don't have a significant other though. I wish that I did sometimes. No one at my school really pays me any mind. People laugh at me and snicker because i wear strange clothes that are comfortable to me. Then there's the stupid people that will make fun of anyone just because they're different. Anyway, It's all good.


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welcome :)

nice to have you join us. i'm bi, too, and a LOT of people think that i'm weird. and i really wish i had a significant other, too.

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Greetings and Salutations

Welcome! Of all the many features of Oasis, doubtless you'll enjoy the lack of redundacy in your fellow writers most.