Hot as Hell...

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My room is so freaking hot. We live over the boiler room, and when it's cold outside, everyone turns on the heat, and our room gets hotter. We had six inches of snow a few weeks ago, and the AC was on full blast the whole time. My roommate and I come in and strip down (we have absolutely no personal modesty). I'm freezing outside today, because I can't bring myself to put on any more clothes. Stupid room... (it is worth noting that I love my roomie, and that we have a really excellent room set-up with her double loft... I just hate the sauna feeling to the room.)

I applied last week to CTSG for a summer internship which, if you examine the site, you may notice they are not advertising, because they haven't decided if they want to hire any interns. I am in the process of doing my damndest to convience them that they do. I'm trying to walk that line between charmingly persistent and obnoxious harrassment. I sent the my resume and things last week, and I did the follow-up note about 3 hours ago, and so I am checking my email religiously... not sure what I'll do if they don't write back. I really really want to work there... who wouldn't want to work for a company with a motto of "Kumbaya, Dammit!"? So, I'll go check my email again, and if anyone has any job-getting tips, let me know.