How Comfortable are you with the Deaf people? Like myself

Unnerving, the communication is limited
13% (8 votes)
29% (18 votes)
I dont know
21% (13 votes)
Very comfortable! I know the alphabets!
27% (17 votes)
Great, my grandmother taught me sign language
10% (6 votes)
Total votes: 62


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u know wot sucks? british sign language is really different to american but i learnt american. i know both alphabets tho and i've signed asl with ppl who speak bsl and it's not too hard to follow, but it aint the same and i can't understand them. my party trick is speaking french and fsl at the same time - :D

with deaf ppl not to do with sign i've got no problem either cos i have deaf friends and like know the ettiquite.

so yeah - even tho my gma didn't teach me exactly, that's wot i put.

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Loads of deaf people went to

Loads of deaf people went to my primary and secondary school. It really confused me when I went to secondary school, cus the deaf people I knew before couldn't hear and then I met ones who could.

I know the alphabet and a few signs of bsl, but no that much. But why should people feel uncomftable around them. Please enlighten me as to what the problems deaf people encounter are cus I didn't really talk to the deaf people quite simply because I didn't know them and was incredibly shy talking to anyone.

Oh and swearing in sign language is cool because you can swear at people and they know what you're doing, but parents and other adults don't

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yay for swearing! ;)

yay for swearing! ;)

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Well I myself created this poll becuase Im deaf and I feel just as if I get isolated from the gay scene just because they are afraid to deal with a deaf person. It just really sucks, so I was curious to see how many teenagers or my age have yet to learn signlanguages since alot of deaf people are being born in each family. I want to thank you guys for being thoughtful and post here. Love you guys!

The swearing in signlanguge always rock!!! The college teacher would never know what Im saying about them. Mostly my favorate sign is MF which is really simple sign. stick out a palm side down flat. leave the middle finger and the thumb sticking out while the other fingers folds hiding under the palm. Move the thumb torward the face chin, two times to the silabyls which is 2 times.

Thats a cute sign!! But the profanity is not but hey, if they piss me off , they deserve it.

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I know some BSL and they are some sort of babish form of ASL(American Sign Language). They are very simple but their alphabet is kinda awkward. I have a British friend that signs BSL and we would often teach or exchange eachother some nifty signs. It rox

Having not to learn how to speak fluently forgien languages, I think its really cool to learn their SIGN LANGUAGE since they dont speak. Its kinda the contrast there, isnt it?> But its awesome!!! Forgein sign class should be offered too! Hah

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How polls work ...

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so many nice things .. *rubs hands together in anticipation .. and returns to work*

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And straight back on topic..

There is this cute deaf boy running around in the johannesburg gay scene..

Very nice to look at , always cheerfull .. nice guy .. and absolutely addicted to dancing .. he dances to the vibrations of the bass he feels near to the speakers..

(he doesnt look half bad in hotpants/speedo thing either)

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Ha ha

Introduce me to him!!! ;)

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I wish I could sign

It's weird cause my aunt is deaf but when she was growing up her school told her mother and sisters not to learn to sign and instead tried to get her to speak adn read lips. So not many of my family members know ASL beyond the alphabet but seem to be able to communicate wiht her somehow.

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We should all learn

Does anyone else think that sign language should be taught in schools to a reasonable level?

It's so important, but it's overlooked.



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I think so

I think so

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My public school, well I;ll just say it, Clare High School, Mi offered it shortly but it failed due to not much support and we needed a licenced teacher to teach sign language. It was bad for them to have an unlicenced interpreter to teach signs in case of lawsuits and stuff. So anyway, yes I wish every school in America would make Sign Language class a circicilum class as well for disable classes. It wouldnt be to fair for the other disabality people. Anyway, If you want them, you can always sign a school peteition and take it up to the school board meetings.

Its been a while since Ive been in high school, so I dont know if they still offer that class in high school , but I sure hope so!!!

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my school offers it. we have

my school offers it. we have over 3,000 kids though so they offer almost everything. i mean, i could take food and nutritions, compariative religions or Ap economics if i wanted to.