how ironic...

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I talked to my sister the other night on the phone, and she told me she'd come out to our Dad. He seemed fine about it and all, but he said the funniest thing when she told him. He told her that he would have expected to hear this from me before he heard it from her. Hehe...If only he knew. (He won't know until I'm able to visit them next summer...) I have a feeling it's going to be interesting when I do come out to him.

I greatly dislike applications, of pretty much any kind. Right now I have two to fill out, one for Pillars, the Peer Educators about Drugs and Alcohol, and the other for the Standing Committee. I'm not too worried about the Pillars, because they have a large group of students (I don't think they turn many people down). The standing Committee, on the other hand, only has space for 5 people, and I think a lot of people who went on the retreat last weekend are going to apply (definitely more than 5 people). Well see...wish me luck! ;)