I did it

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Well guys Ive been researching on body modification for couple of years and I guess I finally went for it. I got my PA (Prince Albert) done. Its right actually through bottom out of the uthrea (piss slit) with ahorse shoe jewelery on the head of the penis.

It takes alot of physical and mentally perparation to face the adreline rush and alot of research. I mean seriously alot of research. Dont do compulsivly becuase somebody had it and they think you should try it. Bad move. Do a series of research, make sure its what you want and its somthing you want.

Anyway, there was no pain whatsoever. Its all in the meditation technique. Zone yourself out, breath in and out deeply and that way it;ll minimize the pain. The cute dude stuck a metal tube as a guidance, stuck it in the uthrea. It kinda felt alittle discomfort but it didnt hurt at all. Then all out of the blue, he stuck the needle right in and pushed in the ring. Presto. A pretty sexy PA. Its 12 ga but a big horseshoeish one. WHen it all heals up nicely, i;ll get a ring and it;ll be snuggle fit.

I dont reconmend it to anybody, its all up to you and yourself only. I did only because I wanted it and it was fun to do. :)

Just wanted to say I FINALLY DID IT


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So, if you're topping when having sex, what do you say when your partner feels something cold? :)

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lol, hopefully there won't be anything cold *giggles*

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Oh Goddess...

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Yes Im a Goddess!!!! A risky one though hah.

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a friend of mine had his done. he showed it to me. I was baffled buy it. I have never seen an uncut guy with it done before tho.

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Heh yeah it can be ummm very weird and scary to see guys with a PA or any body modification. One friend of mine is now scared of me which is sad. Oh well I swear this is my last one, no more modification for me.

I think tattoos are very very gross and pernament. While you can take your rings out and let your skin close. Although, theres this little thing I want out of a tattoo, is a small rainbow butterfly, dolphin or somthing on my pubes. Thats all I want and no more. Any suggestions what I should get tattooed with a rainbow? Let me know!