I Drunk my Vodka

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Late last night I was temped into getting drunk again and behold I drunk my vodka. The liqure began to ramm my brain with it's dizziness spell, my body relaxes, and drifts away to sleep, forgetting the previous worries. God the dream was so morbid. I drift around, in a blink light, I saw myself with a limp left arm (possiblity of wanking to much to porn till the muscles gave out). Damn pass me the muscle relaxer! I walk around with this other dude, possiblity a son, or a good friend that I never had. There was alot of doors that led me anywhere. I dont remember what but it was wicked.

Normally I dont drink that often. The last time I got drunk was with my friends on my birthday at a gay bar. It was so freaking awesome cuz most of the guys were so hot!!! Even though I was drunk, I was still conscience about one thing. NO SEX!!!! I remember I went in the bathroom and a guy ducked into with me. He was so damn ugly and he started to wank off in the urnial. Im like bye and existed the door. *shutters* I normally look at guys from the inside, but what I did was a reaction.

Last night I got drunk becuase of this dickhead dude. He hurt me really bad. We hung out alot last year, did some things together, I fell helplessly in love being in his arms but he wasnt ready. I respected that. We were what you call "Friends with benefit." It got to a point where he couldnt handle it, I guess he was afraid to love. I guess he did really love me so he started to make up lies but I found out either way. From another friend. Another year later, I made him fess up. So thats why i was so incredible stupid last night. So sad huh.