I like (the optimist's approach)

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I like van morrison
I like people wanting to do things with me
I like it raining and everyone else being annyoed, and laughing at them for being annoyed becasue of ssuch trivial things
I like people asking me out and saying, 'i would, but i'm gay' (on the rare occasion that this happens) why don't girls ask me out though? Damn them!!
I like finding out things from other people that i don't know that well, like what it's like to work at a call centre thing or whatever JB does.
I like being small so that my eyes come up to other girls tit's, 'i would look up, but i'd get neck strain'
I like being small so i can travel on the tube anywhere for 80p.
I like being small so people let me get away with things
I like being alomost gay so people assume i am and don't mind me flirting with the guys they like
I like knowing things about people that they don't know i know eg, you have heamophellia (cus your dad who taught us told me 3 years ago before i met you and for some reason remembered this)

This list is getteng tedious,

If you have anything to add by all means add it to the on the surface happy, happy room.



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I think

we, being the universal we of oasis, need more of this (the optimists view). So thank you for this.

I like being able to recognize the good in people, even when they seem at their worst.

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I like...

I like making it through another day and coming home to NPR on the radio.
I like string cheese -- they sell it in ridiculously expensive single servings now, but I buy it anyway.
I like logging into Oasis and seeing what people have been up to while I've been gone.
I like AIM -- too much.
I like having my window open and snuggling beneath all the blankets I have for warmth.
I like early morning BBC radio.
I like procrastinating.... but...
I like finishing my work even more.
I like moments of intellectual clarity that come upon me unexpectedly.
I like debates, even when I lose.


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let's see wot i can muster up...

i like watching the sun set on the windows of the houses opposite
i like eating tuna pasta and roastbeef with mustard sandwiches
i like feeling sleepy
i like drinking water
i like snuggling up in a fleece hoodie and a blanket
i like having daft conversations with my friends
i like looking out the window at the clouds
i like bumping into people i know in the street and saying hello

Dreaming of the Blue Hawaiian Diner...