I think i'm getting old.

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My self-induced detox/slow january is officially over .. yet i just couldn't find any time this weekend to be arsed to actually go clubbing or do anything VAGUELY social.

I actually pulled out of 2 pre-scheduled such events.. no make that 3 .. or was it 4.

I slept , watched some Farscape .. and read 2 Harry Potter books .. (1 left.. then I am also in queue for book 5).

Err , I can't think of anything redeeming I did this weekend.. honestly.
Next weekend atleast i can get to work on the brand spanking new Oasis site, and the new Glug/Netraver sites.. (Oasis is actually one of three online communities I am heavily involved in/run websites).

How I see it , If i spend the next few months getting the sites I am involved with to a point where they are self-sustaining (oasis is a couple of weeks away from me appointing a more official admin structure .. apart from me and jeff playing g'd), I can take a more laidback approach and tackle more diverse private projects.. (like the game i am always threatening to write)

21 years old , still young and inexpensive (and easy .. but we don't talk of that cept in hushed tones).