I... think... I'm... ill

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Haven't seen Clea DuVall pictures in almost 12 hours...

and already I have the symptoms of a QGA (queer girls anonymous) trying to get off an insanely hot supposed-lesbian's blindingly beautiful features.

-dry mouth

What will happen next?

Quick, I need another dose!



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me to...

I wish it would to...*tear* arg. I honestly have no idea who clea duval is but, ok,*nods head with smile* *is feeling random and frustrated with stupid people*

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Clea duvall yummm.... she is beautiful. Guess what? I have her as the backround to my computer :P

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Clea is a GODDESS!!!!! She's the background of my computer too. God, is there a hotter women alive? I doubt it! u Have AMAZING taste!