I'll let you

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I lay there still and I let you touch me
Crawl up my shirt slowly
Look me in the eyes and Ill close them tightly
Play with my nipples ever so slighty
You know what happened last time
Bruised and swollen hard as a rock
Nip at them with your mouth
Ill pretend to like it
I moan a little
Making noise will distract me
Put your tounge down my troat
Choke me with your toxic breath
Lick your way down my stomach
I shudder thinking what will happen next
Unzip my pants and pry a little
Shooting pain makes me jump
Rub arround and make it feel good
Make it worth it
Do something to make me not regret it
Push you away
Barry my head in your chest
God im such a pathetic bitch


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ignore him

i think you're awesome =)

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