Indigo Girls Concert

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Last night I went to see the Indigo Girls in concert, and they were AWESOME. Amy (I think it was her, anyways) was losing her voice, but it still sounded incredible. What made it really great was that my friend and I were originally sitting in the back row of the floor seating, but there must have been a bunch of no-shows or something up closer, because the ushers let us move up to about 6 rows back from the stage.

The friend I went with had never heard the Indigo Girls before, but she ended up liking it (of course...). This is just kind of a random thought, but I wonder if anyone were were sitting by thought my friend and I were a couple. It's just kinda funny, considering she doesn't even know I'm gay. The number of gay/lesbian couples there far outweighted the number of hetero-couples. Quite amusing...

I'll quit rambling now and try and do some work before my last class...uugh. (Microeconomics, a 250-350 person class, in a warm auditorium with comfy seats. I've yet to stay awake through an entire class.)