Isn't that vierd?

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Lat niight had a manic attack, started shaking and wanted to scream luckily did not, as did not want to wake roommate. Took some pills and much better now, although slightly crazy. Had a good laugh and went to sleep. I like to laugh. I laughed some more today also. Anyway, I think I am loosing my mind, it seems to wonder around like a billy goat lost in the alps with a Dodge Viper (isn't that vierd?). Anyway, oh I just said that, okay: anywhoo, I really can't stand people anymore, yet the I can't stand being by myself. A catch-22? Haha! God I really am in-between a rock and hard place, or jello and a soft place. Anywhoo, I honestly want certain people to disappear. Quite literally. Cease to exist, and never exist. Who?

1) Eve (not real name)- Psycho-bitch who thinks she an f-ing mother. She wants to organize the floor into a f-ing collective. She calls me stupid names and is condescending. Like "Okay Kids" "Remember to eat correctly." Okay this really annoys me. She's a vegetarian who doesn't know how to eat. She eats like a piece of broccoli and then wonders why she's always sick and yellow. I am mean, honestly.

2) Chopin (again not real name)- If you remember back to my site of long ago you will remember bach and chopin. Well I really can't remember to whom I gave which name, but mox nix. I hate them both, but Chopin the most. He thinks he is the f-ing father of homosexuality. That every gay man on the campus, nay, the world has to sleep with him, otherwise they are not really gay! I mean, what a total jackass. Also he has more money than god, and still gets a full scholarship. Pisses me off to no end!

3) Blake (not real name, you really must be stupid to think that I would use their real names). Have only met him once, but see him at the dining hall all the time. F-ing homo, I hate him so much, b/c he's happy. I hope he fails out of here. Oh, yes, and he's an arrogant ass puppet of chopin.

I apologize for this rant, but very cathartic. Off to orchestra practice, then work. Then sleep. The sleep of which no one awakens. Except for me. Which really sucks.