it's no use!!!

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Why is it that when I have the most free time, I get the least amount of work done? I had ONE class today...ONE that's all...50 minutes out of my day, and what did I accomplish? ZIP...or at least pretty close to it. I read 1 1/2 chapters of econ. and did tomorrow's accounting homework. Let's see...that leaves me with a crapload of Japanese, Sociology, Calculus (which I'm considering dropping) and more Econ that I didn't get to. (I really really hope we don't have a quiz tomorrow!!!) Does anyone else find that they don't really accomplish any more even when they have more time?

Ok...enought about schoolwork. I'm really excited about Tomorrow...I'm going on a GLB retreat that's being sponsored by campus ministry. I think about 10 people or so are signed up, but we'll see...I've never done anything like this before, and I'm really hoping it'll make me feel better about myself (I've been having problems lately, for all those who don't know...which is probably most of you). The retreat will be from 6:30 pm Friday to about 8 pm Saturday...a full day of just talking/having fun and dealing with sexuality with people who understand where I'm coming from. This could be a disaster, or it could be awesome...I'll just have to wait and see.

I'm rather frustrated with my sister right now. To sum her up, she's been out as bi for about 7 or so months now, and recently informed me that she's decided she's a lesbian, not bisexual. Well, she and I are about as different as night and day. When I found out that she was not straight (While I was questioning my sexuality) I was relieved, seeing her as someone I could talk to about things. Well, after she realized she wasn't straight, she pretty much jumped right into the dating/being out scene without much middle ground...anotherwards, there wasn't really any closet for her. I'm still pretty much in the closet, but trying to work my way out. It's a very slow and difficult process for me, and everytime I try and talk with her, she doesn't know what to say because she didn't go through this.

I guess I just feel like we should be able to talk about this stuff, and I was hoping we could be a good support system for me, but it's just not happening. *sigh*

Ok, enough ranting for tonight. I really should do some work before ER tonight. :)

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Thank God Tomorrow's Friday.