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i'm not really sure if i'm gay or just bisexual. i really hate labels, i feel like i don't fit into any of them. people ask me what i am and i don't really know myself. thats part of the reason i'm not out to most of the people at school. it would be nice to find someone that really understands me though. i sometimes feel like i'm not being myself.

i feel very alone sometimes. i don't have many friends and i started a new school this year. then theres the sexuality issue i'm dealing with too. its hard to meet people, besides over the internet, and my experiences haven't been very successful. oh well.


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i feel ya, maybe we should fo

i feel ya, maybe we should form a cult.

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I feel, ya, too.

yeah, I've been there. It took me a full year of really questioning myself to figure out that I was really gay. Some days, I would just come home from school, slouch down on my floor, and depress myself by thinking about how incredibly different I was from everyone else at my school. I go to a small private school with a large ROTC program. It's homophobic to a scary degree.

If it helps any, I'm still not out to some of my best friends. And if there are other gay people at school (there are), they're probably just as scared to tell people as I am.