Language was made so we could complain

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ugh...its like 12 o clock...and im not tired...but i'm really bored

I'm new here so I really don't know what i'm if somebody is actually reading this just bear(did i spell that right?) with me

It sucks to be 14...and closeted at the same time. i though that is could only get better after 13...and in some ways it has, but god i wish i could come out...if only i could. Every day i have the most irresistible urge to tell my sister...she's the only one who would understand and not make fun of me...and yet she'd probly tell everyone.

Onto other subjects

Whats with the whole "WAR ON TERRORISM" thing? its so stupid. i doubt Iraq will do anything to us. They haven't before and as W says they've had nuclear weapons for years.
I think that b4 they do anything w/ or to Iraq they should pay attention to the whole Pakistan/India thing with that piece of land they're fighting over. They have nuclear weapons too and they will actually probably do something with them.

Why was religion ever started? it's so stupid. it's the cause of most, if not all wars. I'm not reeally an atheist...but i dont have a religion. I know that i'm not christian. I think im gonna convert to Buddhism or Wicca or something

Well i can't think of much more to complain about right now so i'm out



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you might change ur mind

you know, when you get older, you might change your mind about outing yourself, or at the least come up with a fool-proof plan.

when i was younger (round your age) i was ready to go out and embrace life as gay.......but now (18 now) kinda changed my mind.....things get complicated as you get older.......maybe i'll tell ppl in a few years....if ever

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Coming out

Hey, trust me when I say that I understand what it's like to want to come out. I was 15 when I first discovered who I was... I really was scared to mention the possibility to anyone. I told my best friend... I was lucky that she was really cool with it. And in the long run, i'd have to say ive been pretty lucky when it comes to my friends accepting me. Alas, having such accepting friends has lulled me into a false sense of security, which unfortunately lead me to tell people that really shouldn't have known. Well, i'm 17 now, people finding out has made me enemies and then again, it's also helped me find people to be with... I don't know, I have a brother and I didn't tell him... He's pretty homophobic. My mom knows, and shes very cool about it... I'd say, tell whoever you trust the most right now, i'd probably start with a close friend... But maybe you're sister is who you trust most... If shes much younger than you, i probably wouldn't, if shes older though i might consider it... Well, good luck!