Letter to the Editor! (feedback please!)

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I read two different 'that's so gay's in a magazine today and here's my reply. I'm not gonna send it til it's just right, tho so gimme sum luv please and tell me wot u think.

I have a message for some of the readers of this magazine, people that post on the website, and the musicians and bands that are interviewed. This is hard to write because I spend most of my time when out on the punk/rock/sk8r/grunge/mosher/goth/whatever scene hiding my feelings and my identity from people.

I am gay. I don't tell my friends because I'm afraid of what will happen to me if I do. I've been threatened and worse before. If I did come out, I would say, 'I'm gay.'
Gay is the only word society and gay people accept to define, identify and describe themselves. Ourselves.

But then I hear my friends, people on line, in this magazine, calling people gay to take the piss, or saying something


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I understand it, and think it's clear. I like the "GAY=SHIT, PEOPLE=HOMOPHOBES" part. :-) I can't think of any drastic changes I'd make. Send it off!


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would it do any good to stick

would it do any good to stick up all round school beiong gay is NOT and insult. I think it would create more harm than good, but what can be said to make people listen?

Or maybe it's be better to print off what tiki wrote and post it round school, if that's ok with her, I know it won't do much, but at least it's doing something.

That was a really good past you wrote it made so much sense and really expressed what i think the gay community think as a whole, and the trend everywhere. But realise that a lot of people that are not homophobic do use that term just because they are either conforming to what other people are saying, have not thought about what it meant etc.

People shouldn't use spastic as in insult either.

may there be less insults and hate in the world and let us come to accept townies and others more, try and understand them, then change there views

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I think one of the most amusi

I think one of the most amusing things is when I did come out at school, everytime someone would say it, they'd literally clap their hand over their mouth and apologize. I think it's something that's been so engrained and deemed acceptable, people don't even actually relate it to the people around them alive and breathing who are offended.

It's a fight to get rid of slang like that. In L.A., it's pretty well known you do not say the "n" word. I refuse to type it out, but is a long used degrading term for African-Americans. It's not right in any way, shape, or form to be used. There is no reason for it.

I think the same goes when people call someone a "fag" which is the same case.

When I rule the country, it will be required you stop for at least 10 seconds before you say something to actually THINK about what you're saying. I'm not going to limit what people say, I just want them to stop and think and see if they really believe what they're saying. I think more than half the people who use the phrase really are just spilling out something they've heard before as if on 'auto-pilot' or something.


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you rule the world, can I be in charge of Kenya?

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There is no one else in the w

There is no one else in the world I would rather have rule Kenya. I'd give you more than that in fact. I don't think I could much handle the world without an awesome staff.


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That's exactly how i feel, Ti

That's exactly how i feel, Tiki. You said it beautifully(oh my god i sound gay!).Okay now heres the point. I myself will sometimes be like "that's gay" when something stupid or annoying happens. I don't mean it as an insult though, as i would be insulting myself. i dont really use it much any more though, normally now i just say "that's cheesy" Everytime someone calls me or someone else a fag(i'm not out yet) i say"why is that an insult?"


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