Lies and Drama!

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Recently I have been lied to.


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these people could have a theme song, "I'm a Liar" by Rollins Band.

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complusive liars

Are these people who are lying compulisive liars or have munchousans? or are they just lying to cover things up,

instead of lying ot make people feel sorry for them, ie i was tortured as a kid by my stepfather, my Dad and Mum both hate me. people keep on leaving me, my friend has cannabis pyschosis etc.? (the type of lying where you don't want to confront them incase they are telling the truth).

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I was told once that most gay people are compulsive liars. (By another gay person, it wasn't an intentional slur.) The person telling me this had a good reason for it... can't remember why...

Drama is inevitable. The most we can do is work to minimize it.


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Join the club

Sorry to hear that you got backstabbed by liers. Thats the reason why I only have 3 very good friends. Huggs JB