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Today is the first day in all i can remeber, where if a knife were in my hand i would not cut. It is a new feeling for me, i feel very alive for once, for the first time in ages i am living, not just alive and breathing, but real living. i love it. I mean i am not super happy i still have problems, but for some reason this night is different and calm in some sense. i like it, i like looking forward to the future instead of dreding it, i like living.


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throat maybe?

I wonder, why some of you "cutters" never take the ultimate step and do the world a favor and cut your throats instead of your arms

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dont even know what to say to that.but to 'out of the flames' congrats to you and dont listen to 'project scum' sounds like he has something up his ass.

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What the hell?!

Don't pay attention to him, whoever he/she may be. But congratulations on reaching a high level of being. I'm happy for you.

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here 4 u!

m here 4 u. fuck the assholes who hate u.(not literally)i no the pain where it's so damn hurtful,only physhical pain takes it away. M gald u feel alive again.congrats:D *goes back 2 the shawdow from whince she came*
stay heretical &[sic.]4evr!question authority&confromities. morbid intentions,Connie
"keep ur thorns,cuz m running away" -Mudvayne