looking at people's profiles

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why is it that when I try and look at other people's profiles by clicking on who's new, then clicking on view thier profile i allways just see my own?

if this happens to other people or if it doesn't please tell me cus i'm confused



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what are you clicking to view their profile?

The navigation down the right hand side, under where it should say alice on your screen, are all commands about your account. Clicking the highlighted name of the person in their piece should get you to their profile page.

Also the user account link in the top navigation is a link to your account.


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Incorrect Linkage

At the top of the page it'll say "View (whomevers site you're on)'s profile" but when you click on it, it takes you to your own. Help.

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that's the problem I have too

that's the problem I have too

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found the link!

and am now fixing it .. shouldnt bother you guys anymore..

of all the dozens of links to user profiles.. on of them i never notice was out of order .. d'oh