Meat: The Other Protein

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Your thoughts on "Protein"

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The real question is...

The real question is, what if you get a hobgoblin in your haemoglobin? :)

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My virign ears!!!

This is just amazing. An entire thread on the taste of cum! Who would have imagined?!

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Its not about the taste of cum, its about protein, the others have tainted my attempt at a non-sexual topic!

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So I tried this new soy milk today in the cafeteria and it tasted, nevermind.

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Two Whales

Two whales are swimming along in the ocean when they come across a whaling boat.

Whale 1 - "That's the same boat that caught my brother and killed him. Let's tip it."

Whale 2 - "Okay."

So they swim under the boat and blow enough air through their blowholes to capsize it.

The first whale notices that the crew is swimming to shore and says, "Quick, let's stop them from getting away."

Whale 2 - "Wait, the blowjob was one thing. But if you think I'm going to swallow the seamen..."

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I always tasted screen doors alot at my (late, may she rest in peace) aunt's house. I guess I was a cum maniac from day one :)

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and you are 12? started young i see

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No, JB, no. When I was little, I always licked screen doors. And from what everyone says, cum tastes like screen doors. That's why I said that. :P

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cum never tasted like screen doors for me