Mr. Rogers

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When my brother and I were younger we weren't allowed to watch any television save PBS (nor we were allowed to eat any junk food but thats another story). So I grew up watching Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street, 321 Contact, Reading Rainbow, etc. Througout, Mr. Rogers was always my favorite. I still watch the re-runs to this day! So today when the news reported that Mr. Rogers had died I couldn't help but feel a bit saddened. A relic of my childhood has died. Not a huge event, but sad nonetheless.

I'm so not ready to be an adult.


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in England they don't report

in England they don't report it when american television stars have died. i didn't know about chris farley for ages. my favourite thing on mr rogers was when you got to see how something was made, like crayons or chocolates or violins. :)

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my favorite thing...

...the trolley. :-)

And Leisa, I too felt like part of my childhood was gone... adulthood sucks.


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The crayons factory fascinated me, and still does!

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