My mom knows I'm gay!

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It will be ok

When my mom confronted me about being gay while dringing down the highway at 100 mph i found it upsetting that my secert was out. she didn't kick me out, or make me feel bad. i was scared and felt violated much like you do. I think its not because she knows your gay, its that she violated your personal space to begin with. things wioll get better. trus me


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I agree

Half of the problems between my mother and myself arose from two things: 1. She was hurt that I wasn't "completely honest" with her, that I had kept secrets from her. It wasn't so much about me being gay (although that has also been an issue), it was about me not letting her see a big part of myself. 2. I felt violated and oppressed within the actual situation itself. I felt powerless, and it made me very angry.

Space/Distance helps. Claim your space. However you can do that, anyway.

And JB's right, it will be ok.


P.S. I only read the title story of that Forster collection. How are the others?

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Things get better

Don't worry about your mom. Things will be fine. Just remeber: what doesn't kill you makes you a bitter, but somewhat wiser and improved version of yourself. No worries:)