My Name Poems (I'm so freakin' bored!)

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Tenderness she has
Although her heart is breaking
Silent are her fears
Heartfelt through her tears
Amongst her young years
(for best friend.)
Sorry is never enough
Though she takes mine
Amazing friend, make-believe sister
Caring and wise
Young as she will always be
(for ex-boyfriend.)
Just a poem about a boy
Angel amongst the mortal world
My dreams and prayers are answered
Everyone can know; how I care for the boy
Sweet as sweet can be
(for ex-boyfriend)
Totally in love with him
Really can't help it
Everyday he is there
Very close to me
Oh, if only I could fix things
Real love is what I feel for him
(Gary...A friend.)
Great-looking, but a devil
At his soul
Really doesn't give a damn
Young, and that will be his death
(Matt...A not ex, but close enough.)
Many dreams with him crossed my mind
And every one was good
Totally I'm starting
To love this boy

I still working on Rachael and Jonathan's.