My Ordination

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I am now a legally ordained minister. I can visit people in prisons, park in the "Clergy Only" spaces at Disneyland, form a tax-exempt "non-profit" business and be exempt in the event of a draft. I can initiate marriages, commitment ceremonies, civil unions, and ordain others as ministers too.

"What?" you say, "Is he kidding me, or what?"


My credentials should be coming in the mail shortly. It didn't cost me a thing, and it only took three minutes of my time. How is this?

I visited the website of the Univesal Life Church. This is a church who will ordain anyone, without question, and mail you your ordination credentials to perform all the duties that only a minister (or judge) can perform...

And it's FREE!

Say hello to Reverend Greling, ladies and gents. I am legally able to used the title.

So what does the church teach?

1.) Do only that which is right.
2.) Promote the freedom of religion.

That's all, and you don't even have to relinquish your ties to any other religious institution.

It sounds like a joke, but these people people have actually been around since the late 1950's. They say that their biggest customers are evangelical Christian ministers. (One can guess where men like Jerry Falwell and Jimmy Swagarrt got their degrees!)

Give it a try and tell me what you think.

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they may have been around for a while, but...

I knew about this long ago. Personally, ordination ought to mean something. This is like paying for a fake PhD over the internet. It cheapens the efforts of those who take it seriously. I am not saying that you yourself have not put thought and time into your belief system. But I do believe that we have structures in place for a reason.


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Good thing you're not Catholic

I don't think any of us could handle the celibacy!

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I had a friend..

who was a photographer for some nudie magazine ..
he got ordained as a minister and then went running around calling himself Reverend Sin.

he introduced me to space moose he did.

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Congrats Greling, you now have the Power. I myself have recently started ot read the Bible again, kind of like a refresher corse on stuff, Then agian i never read the whole thing, just the important parts ;) its certainly interesting to say the least.

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not the only one

This isn't the only place on the web that does this. Look here, too:


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Well bless my soul...

Will you hear my confession Rev. Jackson? Lol! If I ever need to get married, (provided it becomes legal,) I'll look you up!