My reaction to the tragedy of today...

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How do you start something about this?

I woke up to the radio announcing the deaths of 7 people.

I think I have to start bluntly, there is no smooth transition to something like this. People were working together; men, women, white people, and black people. They were on their way home on a routine flight.

Naturally, we wonder about terrorism. I hope that it isn't the case.

It does show nothing is ever routine when life is on the line. How many times do we have to see this? No airline flight will be just routine. No surgery you will ever have will be just routine. Life is filled with risks.

Everyday we wake and move about. We cross a street. We get into a car. We go in and out of buildings. We're all gambling. By far, most of the time we win. Sometimes we break the house from a risk we took. Sometimes, the house takes us.

No one knows why. Those who have religion just maintain their faith God has a plan for us. Those, like myself, who don't believe in a creator just see it as an act of senseless tragedy that nothing can ever explain.

All we can do is send our thoughts and prayers out to the family and friends of the crew, and our thoughts and prayers to the world.

Husband, McCool, Anderson, Brown, Chawla, Clark, and Ramon: We will not forgot you.