My school is accepting and supportive of my sexual preference

33% (18 votes)
43% (23 votes)
I no longer attend school
24% (13 votes)
Total votes: 54


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how do we define...

accepting and supportive? Is the existence of queer groups on campus enough? Is verbal and financial support of the administration enough? Is the knowledge that there are other gay folk out and about enough?

The university I attend actually had the first group for gay students in the states -- the Student Homophile League, formed in 1966. It's an accepting place, but it sure as hell ain't "supportive". Two different things, folks. Two very different things.


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Same here.

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sorry - i want to do this quiz but i regularly correct ppl who say 'preference' after reading that it implies that ppl r gay by choice, like choosing to be vegetarian, as opposed to 'identity' or 'orientation' or simply 'sexuality' which has no bias toward us choosing to be gay. ppl don't choose to be straight or black...

sexual preference was a phrase used by someone i know who then went on to say someone coming out was 'showing off' by sharing this information to 'get attention' as if he could choose to be something else or shouldn't tell anyone.

also remember tolerating isn't quite accepting, and acknowledging or accepting isn't quite supporting, but it's a good start.

i'm gonna go back and read articles at and which i've been doing a lot of this year. :)

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Who in he school?

Faculty, Administration or Student Body, because the first one is accepting, but the latter two aren't.