Neryk... is Bi

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It's so hard in a world where people have such high expectations of what they want you to be and become.
If they knew I was bi I think their world wouldn't be quite the same, I don't know if they would treat me the same, or if it would make it all seem ok.

It's just as easy to let things be and pretend to be heterosexual. Well it is for me.


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couldn't agree with you anyom

couldn't agree with you anyomre.

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i totally DISagree. if youre

i totally DISagree. if youre bi and you just pretend to be straight so that you dont have to deal w/ all thoes stupid people who would treat you didfferently, you are just lying to yourself. and from experience, i can tell you pulling off the hetero thing is not fun. you just cant be yourself if you are constantly making sure that you dont drop comments about the same sex and what not.
i know its hard to be out to everyone (im not), but you cant let the small minds of others dictate how you live life at all times.

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Just a though...

Neryk, Consider what you are saying...Your putting the thoughts and expectations of those around you before yourself. When they look into the mirror, are they looking through your eyes? Do they have to live with the act of denying a portion of who you are? No, you are the only one who has to live with that.

It may not seem like a big deal to deny a small part of yourself, but when you do that you interfere with the development of the rest of who you are...Jason

Gone to find myself, If I get back before I return...Please keep me here!

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If you just sit around and le

If you just sit around and let this biphobia persist, then nothing going to change. Only by standing up for yourself can and will things change.