Not again...

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It's been almost a year... I cut myself again... not trying to kill myself... but I did it... oh gods... no one is here, I have no one to talk to. 9 slashs... on my arms... I wore a t-shirt today... I guess I won't be doing that again anytime soon... oh hells... why can't everything just work out, for once...


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it'll be ok

get some bandages or so on, take care of your cuts, then wrap yourself up in a blanket and repeat the following: "it will be okay, it will be okay, it will be okay..."

and find someone offline who can be with you tonight, okay?

take care.


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Thanks sweetie... I ended up

Thanks sweetie... I ended up watching Moulin Rouge... which didn't help, but I love that movie and crying is alot healthier than cutting. Then I went over a friend's today who is going through alot of the same...


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Awwww honey, :( Im always on line, if you needed to talk to somebody talk to me!!! :( I miss ya. I hope you feel better soon.


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thanks hon...

thanks hon...

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I can understand. I cut myself, too. Sometimes I bite and draw blood. I haven't cut since Friday (that's good for me, believe me). I have scars all down my forearms, but my parents don't notice, don't care, and I have scars down my legs, and a few on my stomach. I have an angry red one of my wrist. I cut deep. Anyway, I have you have a better day. :)


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Thank you... and good luck...

Thank you... and good luck... this is a nasty habit and I shouldn't have started again... I'll pull out of it sometime... at least I don't want to die now...

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Damn Life

Hey baby, its kinda late for this to be any help, but call, ok? Damn the fucking world, why didn't I find this faster? I hate how Im not there, I should be in the house with you damn it...


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It'll be okay hon, I went to

It'll be okay hon, I went to Lisa's today, we ranted at each other, and were there... her wrists aren't as bad as mine, but they're close... We're becoming incredibly close because of all this crap going on... It's kind of ironic...