oasis blocked

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Does any one know why this site is blocked from the school libary as it claims that it is a matchmaking site?
It didn't used to be blocked and is it categorised as a matchmaking site?

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it's the firewall - ur school may have changed netbabysitting providers - in most places the IT supervisor can override sites, if your'e willing to complain. otherwise just typing in the url directly into the address line and hitting return should take you there.

complain to ur school! i hate when shit like that happens. www.glsen.com is blocked some places, and they write articles about gay rights in education! in fact, go read some of their articles cos they may have advice on it.

makes me mad...grrrr...

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Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match...

Sorry for the musical title, I couldn't resist. That genuinely sucks! Especially since Oasis is one of the few gay youth sites that is NOT a matchmaking site. Silly firewalls! No worries:)

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gay stuff

I have noticed, that discriptions of gay sites, tv shows, and events, that re being discribed by heterosexuals are way off the mark. they either don't know what the fuck they are talking about, or just don't understand or don't want to. an example of this si my Digital Cable providors discription for Queer As Folk "Three Gay Men Share A Flat" how far from the truth is that?


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