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My band played on Friday, and it was hilariously dreadful! We went on not wanting to do too well, since we have one song and a guitarist was gone, so we played our one song (badly) and the other guitarist's levels were AWFUL so you couldn't hear it at all! It was marvelous! Then, we screamed and ran off the stage in terror, which will become a tradition for us now. It was fun!
Then, forensics was not so good on Saturday. I got up at 5:15 and didn't do well in the meet. Enough said. But today, I am watching "His Girl Friday" and then going to see "Chicago" with a friend I haven't seen in forever. Then, I am writing! HaHA!

OH, and I started an Actin' Club at my school! We are going to put on pretentious student writen plays in the cafeteria! Wahoo! Also, if anyone knows of where I could get my hands on some vinyl singles by the Strokes, I would love you forever and defend your honor with my life. No worries:)


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positively green!

You make me want to get my act together and write new songs. And play them for people other than my parents in the sitting room.

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