Over and over again.....

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Trevor broke up with me, but I haven't cried or cut myself or anything. I think I realized I mixed up love and lust. I'm starting to think I will never find love.

Rachael still likes me and I really like her. But she hasn't asked me out again, and I'm kinda afraid to ask her out. She's one of my best friends and I don't want to lose that.

Joey hasn't said anything about going out, and he's acting like a jackass, so I say: fuck him and not literally.

Me and Jonathan have been flirting. I was rubbing on his back yesterday, and me and Rachael were having so much fun turning him on. He likes me, too. :) Too bad he has a girlfriend. :(

I talked to Misty. We aren't as good friends since we broke up. But oh well. She has been talking to me behind my back and I confronted her, but she denied it. So fuck it, it doesn't matter. People will talk behind my back and I have no control over it. I hate not having control, but I have to deal with it. Plus, I haven't gotten drunk, took pills, or cut myself to make me feel better. I was smoking though. One day I will find something esle to help me and I can quit.



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light out

i've never understood the joy of smoking......probably coz i never tried, lol

supposedly, it relieves stress, true??

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Yeah, it does relieve stress. I don't know why I started. Friends, mainly. I didn't like ti at first, but I got use to it. I'm trying to quit, cuz the smoke will get on my clothes and all, and it stinx.


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good luck

well, take your time. i suppose you can't really rush these things...plus quitting ain't ever easy

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Tashie, Tashie! Naughty girl messin with Jonathan! I'ma telling your momma...no not really. Trevor don't like me for some reason...wonder why? *pretends to think hard* Oh well...

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