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As I write these words I am seething towards my parents.

I don't even like that word for them.

Granted there are worse.

However, my mother's control issues piss me off to no end.

I'm 18 years of age. I can legally vote, smoke, buy porn and rent a hotel room.

I cannot, however, take walks at night. Go anywhere alone. Use public transit. She expects the school to call if I don't show up to my 7:00 AM class (when school starts ay 8:00) because I might have died on the way there.

I opened a bank account at age 9. It was for a car. Now, perhaps I should have sought a financial advisor, however, a 9 year old doesn't think of that when opening a savings account. Nor does one think custodian of the account means a whole lot. So I turn 18 to find out that I can't even cash a check becuase of this custodianship. I can't touch MY MONEY until my parents relinquesh. This isn't a trust fund, this is my allowance, my summer jobs, my Christmasses for nearly a decade. It's not a trust fund. When I started high school, I decided it would be for me to get that first tuitition check in for college so I could sever ties with home. I don't want them to pay at all.

However, they won't relenquesh custodianship. My financial aid is taken from their income which is fine and dandy so I won't get any. Unless I get a darn good job or take on a whole lot of debt, they'll pay and I'll still be tied to them.

I just want to leave.


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u could be describing my life EXACTLY....i feel you sweetie, I wish you all the luck in the world!


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Good god

that's just harsh.

I'm just happy i was always so fiercely independant that my parents didn't even consider being overprotective of me as I would undoubtedly turn their lives into a living hell.

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if ya wanna bitch

if ya ever need to talk, get in touch wif me. i have all the time in the world.

honestly, your life is sad......but everyone has their problems, you can't really compare............

hang in tight.......and someday.......that's how i go on.......still fighting.......